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In my over 25-year career in the music business I have taken many roads, either as an instrumentalist, writer, arranger, musical director, teacher or producer.
That has allowed me to know many places in Europe, America and beautiful provinces in my country; but, above all, I have known excellent musicians from whom I have learned and with whom I maintain a great friendship.
I wish to share with you some of my most significant accomplishments in both my career and my personal life.


Sur Tres

It was a great challenge when Tomás and Joselo asked me to do the arrangements for the CD “Serenata”, in which a wide classic repertoire of melodies and rhythms from all Latin America can be found.
Now, I see the task as a beautiful work and a unique experience, not only for the results but also for having shared incomparable moments with extraordinary artists from close countries, including Cuba, Peru, Chile, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.
Recorded at Tidalwave Studio at Latin Studio (Karlsruhe - Germany)

Let it be Jazz

At the very moment I was entrusted with this task, the challenge was to maintain uniformity in the conceptual treatment of the arrangements. The commitment was not only to pay tribute, but also to be able to merge two elements that have been with me through my whole life: The Beatles’ music and Jazz.
Recorded at Impar Studio - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Monument to the Native Woman

I felt great joy and pride when Andrés called me to write the music for the documental that is being prepared on the occasion of the first Monument to the Native Woman in Argentina.



Along my vast career as arranger and producer around the world, I have experienced things that have enriched my career and this is one of them.
In this great 2CDs production I made the arrangements and was the musical director. Musicians from all around the world took part in this production (including China, Norway, Germany, USA, Chile, Greece and Ecuador) and instruments from different places (such as Chinese flutes, Andean aerophones, Celtic flutes, shakuhachi, native, Latin, Indian and African percussion, strings quartet).
My deepest appreciation to John, for trusting me and allowing me to be part of his dreams, and to Patrick for expressing my ideas into sounds. Also, I want to thank each and every musician who took part of this project for their art.
Recorded at Tidalwave Studio (Karlsdorf - Germany)


Crespo & Dargenton

We have founded “El Tranvía” with Juan at the beginning of 1990 and together we also have recorded two CDs. After a few years’ break, during which each one continued our careers, we have decided take up the task again, which is why we are currently composing for a new CD and we plan to present it in Buenos Aires and in other countries as well.


Ruben Juarez

Musicians share musical experiences every day, but having the satisfaction of sharing Ruben’s sensitivity, talent and friendship is a privilege and something that deserves to be lived.


Omar Mollo 

Countless tours around Argentina and concerts in Buenos Aires’ main theatres have forged and affection that grows to this day, even during times when each one is on his own road.
I thank Omar for having entrusted in me the musical direction and for allowing me to enjoy every moment.


Cocktail Inn

When Edi Vallarino asked me to be part of the “Cocktail Inn” production I accepted without a doubt. We had already worked together in the CD “Let it be Jazz”.
It turned out to be interesting to play those standards, with which one learned to listen and appreciate Jazz. The instruments of the production are also interesting: double-bass, drums, guitar and the singular vibraphone.
Since I felt amongst friends all the time, I very much enjoyed the recording of the CD and the concerts.

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