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Professor – Guitarist – Composer – Arranger


Guitar and improvisation with Prof. Armando Alonso
Composition with Prof. Claudio Schulkin


He has pursued a strong teaching career, in the private field and in important institutions from Argentina and Europe as well.
Founder of the Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda (1986), where he currently holds the Permanent Professor of Jazz Guitar position.
Clinics on Improvisation and Functional Harmony in Popular Music in very prestigious educational establishments in Argentina, such as the “Conservatorio de Mar del
Plata”, “EMBA” and “Escuela de Música de Puerto Madryn”.

He has been invited to dictate workshops about “Tango Elements” in Europe, at: Conservatorio de Palma de Mallorca (España), Aula de Música (Barcelona, España), Musikhochschule (Karlsruhe - Alemania), Internationale Bachakademie (Stuttgart -Alemania) (Both organized and sponsored by the Deutsche Akademie des Tango e. V).
Creator of the Serie 20 & 20 (2008). Workbooks which can be downloaded for free and which contain 20 lessons and 20 exercises on different music areas.


1. As a Guitarist

In the 80’s he took part in different jazz groups and made presentations in the most prestigious theaters, clubs and jazz festivals in Buenos Aires and all around Argentina.
Around 1989 he lived in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) for two years, where he worked with many European musicians, as Ola Calmayer (who plays the piano with the saxophonist Dexter Gordon).

He took part in the International Jazz Festival in Mallorca, invited by the quintet of the prestigious trumpeter Woddy Shaw.
At the beginning of the 90’s he creates “El Tranvía Tango” together with Juan Dargenton.
He was in a continuous activity with over 25 tours around Europe with an average of 80 shows a year. He performed in the most important concert rooms, cultural centers, theaters and festivals all over Europe.

He has shared the stage with prestigious musicians as Sexteto Mayor, Daniel Binelli (Astor Piazzolla’s bandoneonist), the bandoneonist Alfredo Marcucci and the singers José Ángel Trelles and María Graña.
He also worked for two years as guitarist, arranger and musical director for the Tango singer
Omar Mollo.
Guitarist for the singer and bandoneonist  Rubén Juárez, with whom he performed many times in Argentina, South America and Europe.
Guitarist of the Cocktail Inn group, directed by  Edi Vallarino.

2. As Arranger – Musical Director

He wrote the music for the program Visión Siete Internacional, winner of the “Martín Fierro” award in 2009, which is broadcast since 2005 in “Canal 7 – TV Pública” (Argentina).
In 2006 he arranged and directed the CD “Serenata”, about classic works of the Latin American popular music, which was recorded in Germany with Tomás Párez (Puerto Rico) and José Luís González (Chile).
In 2007 he made the arrangements and directed the CD “Let it be Jazz”, about the Beatles’ music.
He carries out an intense activity as arranger and producer of both Tango music, as well as “music from the world” for different record labels in Germany.
The visual artist Andrés Zerneri invited him to write the music for the documental “1000 grados” (Monument to the Native Woman).
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